Fera recipes

Food and Art, they have a lot of in common.


The soup of 1,000 possibilities

Pretty exquisite starter: pomegranate oysters

Fancy low-temperature cooked egg

Dream in cubes: tartar with truffles

Avocato-apple gazpacho

Main course

Rock mussels – bedded on Thai puree

Beetroot risotto with bite

Artichokes: so close to the heart

Codfish with garlic and chilli power

Basil risotto: really good

Rice wine mussels with surprise effect

Cuttlefish croquette meets pine aioli

Dreamy pasta: tomato and ricotta cannelloni


Exotic Tropical Queen with Coconut Foam

Unique lemon tarts

Raspberry-panna cotta with a liquor shot

Apricot tart with a dreamy garnish


“Sakerinha”: shaken or stirred?