Estilo Honjozo
Tamaños: 720 ml / 1,8 l
Pulido del arroz: 65%
Alcohol: 14,5% Vol.

A clean pure style of sake, with white mountain flowers on the nose. It has a wonderful clean and soft silky texture.

150ml – 10€

Botella- 52€


Junmai Ginjo
Tamaño: 720 ml
Arroz: Mineharuka, pulido al 55%
Alcohol: 14,5% Vol.

ENTER•Sake Silver is an aromatic Ginjo sake with honeysuckle on the nose and floral notes of cherry blossoms. Has good weight on the palate with notes of mango, Asian pear, and honeydew melon. Finishes clean and smooth.

150ml – 15€

Botella- 69€


Tamaño: 720 ml / 1,8 l
Arroz Koji pulido al 50%
Arroz Sake pulido al 60%
Arroces Gohyakumangoku e Ippanmai
Alcohol: 14,5 % vol.

Notes of melon, peach, pear, and white pepper. This sake has a soft and clean mouth feel with refreshing acid and character.

150ml – 16€

Botella- 79€


Junmai Ginjo
Tamaño: 720 ml
Arroz pulido al 55%
Arroz Misato Nishiki
Alcohol: 16% vol.

Lively on the palate with fresh notes of apple, starfruit, and melon.
The sake has gentle acidity and tartness that makes it the perfect companion for food.

150ml – 19€

Botella- 99€


Estilo Junmai Daiginjo
Tamaños: 720 ml
Arroz: Yumesansui – 50% PULIDO
Alcohol: 14,5% Vol.

This is the flagship of our core ENTER•Sake line. It has notes of melon, peach, and chrysanthemum on the palate and ends in a beautiful, bright, crisp finish.

150ml – 22€

Botella- 109€


Junmai Daiginjo
Tamaño: 720 ml
Arroz: Yamada Nishiki, pulido al 50%
Alcohol: 15% Vol.

This sake is a rich, fleshy sake with an incredibly long finish and pairs well with grilled meat or perfect just by itself.

150ml – 22€

Botella- 109€